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Prices @ MediKa Dental


Full Mouth Assessment

Routine Dental health check                                             £37

X-Rays                                                                                £25

Consultation – Cosmetic; 2nd opinion etc                         £40

Emergency Appointments                                                            from £40 + any treatment required


New Patients***

1st Full mouth assessment & Dental health check          £57

Emergency Appointments                                                     from £40 + any treatment required

Consultations – Cosmetic; 2nd opp. etc                            £40

***£40 refundable deposit for non registered patients required – Deposit not refundable if appointment is not attended


Referrals / Reports                                              £25 - £50


Hygienist – 30min sessions

Routine visit                                                                      £45

Periodontal (Gum disease) treatment                              from £80 *full mouth requires 2 hrs*


Fillings - Metal free / NON Amalgam 

Glass Ionomer (GI) / Resin modified GI                            from £95 - £150


Direct Composite Bonding* 

*with cuspal coverage as alternative to crowns where applicable:

Single Surface Buccal / Lingual                                       £95

Premolars (incl. Core / lining if required)                        £150 - £250 

Molars (incl. Core / lining if required)                             £200 - £280 

Direct Composite Veneer                                                £200 - £300


Tooth Whitening *based on product*             from £185 - £355 *ask reception*


Night Guards / Sports Guards                             from £140


Indirect Restorations (Laboratory made)

Crowns / Onlays / Inlays / Veneers / Bridge per Unit     from £500

Core / post restoration                                                   from £150 -195


Minor Oral Surgery

Extractions                                                                     from £120

Surgical Extractions                                                      from £250


Root Canal Therapy

Partial Treatment / Pain Relief (i.e. Pulpotomy etc.)    from £150

Incisors / Canines                                                          from £350

Premolars                                                                      from £420

Molars                                                                            from £490  



Acrylic: Partial / Full *per arch*                                   from £400 / £500

Cobalt Chromium *per arch*                                        from £1100  

Polymer AKP * per arch*                                              from £1300


Denplan *Please ask our reception team for an information pack* 

Essentials Plan:

*10% loyalty discount* on treatments excl. cosmetic

Care Plan: 

Excludes cosmetic / Surgical / Trauma (Denplan will be contacted following trauma)

LAB Fees Crowns & Denture work; etc *depending on complexity* excludes cosmetic

*10% loyalty discount * on Composite Direct Restorations as alternative to Crown / Onlay 




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Please note the changes to our practice access due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic. 


With effect from 25th March 2020:


1. All routine, non urgent dental care will be stopped and deferred until we have been advised otherwise.

2. We triage our dental emergencies over the phone during our opening hours and when appropriate, we provide: 

- Advice

- Analgesia

- Antibiotics 

In due course, local and regional hubs will be established where further clinical interventions will be provided.

If you have a dental emergency please call & leave us a message (02392732047) with your full details OR email us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with your emergency query and we will respond to you during our opening hours. 

Please note that we are dealing with a large number of calls and emails and we ask for your understanding.

These are temporary measures until we are re-assured that we can operate normally and safely.

Look after yourself & others and stay safe. 

MediKa Dental